Grace Mission School

                                                               Grace Mission School

Grace Mission School is a Private academic School owned and oppreates by Bishop Dr.Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. Since Oct.3rd 2007.

Dr.Rudolph as been helping Liberian Children with free Tuition program since the School Establishment. 

The Administration of Grace Mission School A.K.A  Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. Academy wishes to inform all parents /Guardians desiring to enroll their Child or Children for the Academic 2019-2020 School years, that the School is operating on TUITION FREE LEVEL AGAIN WITH A VERY LOW REGISTRATION FEES FROM ABC TO 9TH GRADE, Only Monthly dues are requires. We also have Day Cares from Nursery- 3rd grade and Night School Sessions from ABC to 9th grade this year.

The Scholarship program been supported financially by Bishop Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. the Church of Grace International Ministries Inc. and the Grace International Bible University Worldwide. While Students feeding program is also been supported by Bishop Dr. Timothy A. Johnson USA. and Dr. Jorline Dordan from California USA. in addition to that, the administration of Grace Mission School will pay (10 %) of all (50) 9th Grader WAEC fees this School years again. Finally, Scholarship Program are also available for football ball, kick ball payers and Quizzers.

PRE-REGISTRATION IS LD$75.00. Remember that registration will be done for both 1st and 2nd Semesters with the Same amount in the below Colum. PE JESSY SET IS $ 10 USD.


CLASS             REGISTRATION MONTHLY DUES Total Monthly Dues
ABC L$200.00 100 X 10 MONTHS L$ 1000.00
KI-KII L$250.00 125 X 10 MONTHS $ 1,200.00
1ST -2ND L$350.00 150 X  10 MONTHS $ 1,500.00
3RD- 4TH   L$400.00 175 X 10 MONTHS $ 1,750.00
5TH -6TH L$500.00 200 X 10 MONTHS $ 2000.00
7TH -8TH L$600.00 250 X 10 MONTHS $ 2,500.00
9TH GRADE L$750.00 300 X 10 MONTHS $ 3000.00