Christian Leaders Connection C.L.C

      • Bishop Dr.Rudolph Q.Keanue Founder and Presiding Bishop of CLC.
      •       FACT ABOUT
    • Thank you for your interest to become a member of Christian Leaders Connection (C.L.C).C.L.C is a Global Christian Network whose Mandate is to Consecrate, Ordain and License Ministers in order to confirm their calling.
      To, Consecrate, Ordain, and License Ministers in order to confirmed their Calling.
    • To see that all Ministers are well equipped with Ministerial Documents needed for propagating the Gospel globally without fear or harm form Individual /Governments.
    • Bishop Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. is the founder, CEO & Presiding Bishop of Christian Leaders Connection C.L.C.
    •  C.L.C is a movement of Global Christian Leaders Network.
      Founded by Dr Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. in 2010. July 14, when he was officially invited to attend the Minnesota Church Ministries association MCMA USA.
      Ministerial Ordination Certificate
      Bishopric Consecration Certificate
      Licensing to Ministers
      Ministerial ID
    • NB: Below are the fees need for CLC Consecration certificate, Ministerial ,license and Ordination certificate. ORDINATION & CONSECRATION: 
    • FEE
      LICENSE FEE Bishopric Consecration Certificate $ 100 USD
      Licence $50 USDApostolic Consecration
      Certificate $ 80 USD
      License $50USDPastoral Ordination
      Certificate $75 USD
      License $50 USDEvangelical, Ordination
      Certificate $75 USD
      License $50 USDProphetic, Ordination
      Certificate $75 USD
      License $50 USDTeacher, Elder/
      Certificate $50 USD
      License$50 USDDeacon Ordination
      Certificate $50 USD
    • This is the Vision that God has given to Bishop Dr. Rudolph, Q.Kwanue Sr. to help Christian Leaders around the world, because they have been frustrated, left out, rejected, denied, and has received refutation by the Societies and most of these Ministers do not have job opportunities or connections, so GIBU/CLC has been founded for such to bring joys in the body and motivation to Ministers.
    • 1.To see that all Ministers are well equipped with Ministerial Documents needed for propagating the gospel globally without fear or harm from individual or Government.
    • 2.To, Consecrate, Ordain, and License Ministers in order to confirmed their Callings.
    • 3.To mainly focuses on Ordinations, Consecration of Bishops, Apostles, Pastors, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers, Deacons/Deaconess and giving license to Ministers.
      4. To serve as Christian Leaders Connection in working together as Clergy Members in the body.
      5. To serve as International Association of Christian Leaders Worldwide.
      6. To work with Christian Association, Assembly, Education, in many area. Presently C.L.C. Operates in more than (150) Countries along with the Grace International Bible University GIBU.
      7. To establish Christian tourists and Christian research Centers in Liberia and other Part of the World if Necessary.
      8. To organize Crusade, Seminars, and revivals aims at bringing Christian together.
    • 9. To engage in Christian Worship within Liberia and abroad with the aims of winning Souls to Christ.
    • 10. To Conduct Christian Counseling, Mobilize and Sensitize Christian on the word of God.
    • 11. To preach the gospel by means of radio, televisions and intranet.
      12. To empower all Christian youths through education and job creation. Promote Peace love and Unity among Christians.
      a. Peace Counseling, b. teaching, C. Baptizing, and Ministering d. Prayers and healing, e. deliverance trauma Counseling etc.
    • 14. To Organize and conduct a, fellowship b, seminars, c. workshops d. conferences e. crusades, f. revivals, . cam, h. retreats, I tarries etc.
      15. To form partnership with other international Church Organizations in order to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.16. To demonstrate the love of God and to help Orphans, disabled, underprovided to acquire and experience the gospel of Christ which alone satisfied the deepest thirst.

      17. To Mobilize and empower Churches to grow, collaborate and carry out physical and Spiritual ministries.

    • Christian Leaders Connection is about working together as Clergy Members in the Body.
      More about CLC
      We are international association of Christian Leaders Worldwide.
      We will be working with Christian association, Assembly, education, in many area. Presently, C.L.C Operates in more than (150) nations along with the Grace international Bible University GIBU. The membership of C.L.C is one of the fasted growing Christian Org. with membership with approximately about (50) thousands Christians/Leaders around the World.Christian Leaders Connection is an Umbrella to Church of Grace International Ministers Inc. (C.O.G.I.M.I,), The Church that Give births to the Grace International Bible University G.I.B.U, and International Accreditation Commission for education I.A.E.C.C.L.C and the above named Organizations are one family/Union. but have different management systems all are from the same individual( Bishop Dr. Rudolph Q.Kwanue Sr.).
    • We have a lot of opportunities for ministers. We can’t just prepare you with biblical education and let you go. You need to have Ministerial License and an Ordination to confirm your calling.
    • In the present age, Ministers are usually challenged by others in their own country and in foreign countries. Under GIBU, we have Christian Leaders Connections (CLC). The responsibility of CLC is to License, Ordain, and Consecrate a Minister.
    • CLC have all the documents that are needed for ministers.
    • If you are interested in having such International Credentials;I will send the test to all interested candidates.

      Just sent me a message on whatsApp at: +2317785064662 Or email me at: You will have the opportunity to get:
      All needed documents.
      We have a representative near your city who can help you in the process if you need their help.


      Be Married
      Have a Church/Ministry
      Be above 18 years
      Submit your Biography, Vision, Mission Statements Life Goal and Objective.
      Tell us what impact as Ordain minister you will make in the body.
      Be a Senior Minister/have a Ministerial experience from five Years or above.
      Have your own Church, Ministry, or Christian Organization, or be approved by your Senior Pastor, Church Denomination,
      Be married;
      Be willing to become C.L.C member.
      Pay your Membership due or registration fee $10 USD to C.L.C send application and fill in Membership form.

      As one in Christ, we endeavor to cultivate an atmosphere of love which stimulates each individual member to reach their goal in Christ Jesus


      1. Blue Clerical Shirt with half collar
      2. Holy Teaching Bible
      3. Holy Anointing Oil Biggers Bottle 4. Must be in full SuitPASTORS MATERIALS:
      1. Black Clerical Shirt with half collar
      2. Holy Teaching Bible
      3. Holy Anointing Oil Biggers Bottle
      4.Must be in full Suit
      1. Black Clerical Shirt with half collar
      2. Holy Teaching Bible
      3. Holy Anointing Oil Biggers Bottle
      4. Must be in full suit
    • prophet.
      1. Wine Clerical Shirt with half collar
      2. Holy Teaching Bible
      3. Holy Anointing Oil Biggers Bottle
      4. A Chain and a Cross
      5. Must be in full Suit
      1. Clerical Shirt Wine with Full Collar
      3. Apostolic Robe
      4. 2 Jointed Cain plus Crossier and Ring
      5. The Holy Teaching Bible
      6. Holy Anointing Oil (Bigger Bottle)FOR BISHOPS:
      1. Clerical Shirt Wine Full collar
      2. Holy Bishopric Bible
      3. Full Bishopric Robe
      4. Holy Anointing Oil (Bigger Bottle)
      5. 3-Jointed Chains plus Crossier.
      6. Ring with Purples colour
      7. The Bishopric Chair
    • HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE SIGNATORY TO C.L.C DOCUMENTS?A. Five Important Personalities from five different Continents they are:1. Bishop Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. Founder & Presiding Bishop-Liberia (Africa)2. Rev. Dr. Charles J. Samathy Jr. is C.L.C international President (from North America base in Canada) he is also the general Overseer of Capihill Ministries Inc., with over 5000 branches around the World.3. Bishop. Dr. Godwin Mark Ajaeybuis the International Vice president C.L.C United Kingdom Dr. Mark is the Overseer of Life in the nations Church, over 4500 Branches around the World.4. Rev. Dr. Tony Kirby is from Australia a Very Closer friend to Dr. Rudolph and the Director of the Grace International Bible University Australia.5. Bishop Dr. Benjamin Paris – International Coordinator Dr. Paris is the Stronger MOG, the founder and Overseer of Solder on the Cross Church in Africa, USA, UK, Asia, with over about 6000 Branches in Large Cities, Countries and VillagesBishop Dr. Benjamin Paris –USA International Coordinator
      C.L. C is in Partnership Partner
      Solders of Christ is Founder by Bishop Dr. Benjamin Paris. These Ministries having over (3,500) Pastors around the World.

      Which Continents does C.L.C operate?
      Africa, 2. South America 3. North America, 4. Australia, 5. United Kingdom, and 6. Asia,
      Where is the Headquarter of C.L.C? A. Monrovia, Liberia. (West Africa).
      C.L.C been highly recognized Nationally and Internationally with World Major Christian Organizations, Churches and Networks as International Christian Organization working inline with its vision and Mission to help give courage to Ministers.
      C.L.C has in place a Bishopric College from different Continents of the World. There are Bishops, Christian Leaders and National Leaders in place, who themselves are Bishop of their own Ministries, having Biblical Degrees from World Major Universities and committed to working and serving the Network globally to bring Glory to God.

      By the Grace of God, the Holy Spirit is Using Bishop Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. PhD ( a Liberian) to bring the Church by to it original place (unity).

  • Bishop Dr.Rudolph Consecrated Apostles Alexander and Elijah in Liberia