Church of Grace International Ministries Inc.

About Bishop Dr. Rudolph Kwanue Sr. the Founder of Church of Grace International Ministries In.

  • Father of Motivation
  • Father of Correction
  • Kingdom Promoter
  • Church Planter
  • Life Coaching
  • Bible Scholar
  • Mind Builder
  • Pastoral Counselor
  • Vision Promoters
  • International Speaker
  • Bringing respect to the Body
  • Christian Leaders Connector
  • Founder & international Director of Grace International Bible University GIBU
  • Bishop of Church of Grace International Ministries Inc.
  • Founder and CEO at International Commission for education I.A.C.E
  • Founder of Pastor Rudolph Cares Foundation PRCF
  • Founder and Presiding Bishop of Christian Leaders Connection C.L.C
  • Proprietor of Grace Mission School
  • A Visionary Leader
  • A Author
  • Father of four Sons, Rudolph jr. age 15,Abel age 13, Timothy age 10, Daniel age 3.
  • The first generational Preacher
  • And Husband to Rev. Mot. Rita N. Kwanue Sr.


Administrative Building -Liberia

Church of Grace International Ministries Inc. Was Officially founded on September 16,2007 by Rev.Dr.Rudolph Q.Kwanue and his Beautiful Wife Mother Rita N.Kwanue at  Republic of Liberia 

The purpose of the Church of Grace international Ministries is to promotes the Kingdom works of God on earth.

Over the passed 11 years, the Church of Grace international Ministries has today given birth to so many Christian Organizations, Institutions, and Charity Organization such as:

1.Grace  Mission School,
2. Grace international Bible University
3.Christian Leaders Connections CLC
4. International Accreditation Commission for education IACE
5. and Pastor Rudolph Cares Foundation PRCF that has today become a blessing to Christianity all around the World.

Steps becoming Church of Grace International Ministers Inc Member.

* Fill in Membership form
* Have your own Pastor
* set up a place of worship
* be able to train
* Be Honest to rules and regulations
* follow COGIM Biblical Doctrines
* accept Biblical Discipline
*be able to pay Tithes
* Under your Church Projects
* be willing to associate with others
* take Correction *be willing to learn
* be positive




Becoming a Member and Affiliate with Church of Grace International Ministries, Inc.

To be a Member/Affiliate with the Church of Grace International Ministries, Inc. is a great decision.

Being a part of Grace, you have entered a rightful place for correction, education, connection, nice Biblical Doctrines with sound Biblical teaching.

Your intention for becoming a member with the Church should not be about money or getting International Support in terms of finance.

Rather it should be helping to build God’s Kingdom and bringing people from darkness to light.

It should be about helping to change people’s minds to Christ positively.

Remember that the Church need donors to support with some financial contributions to help meet up with some of her goals and Objectives to help:

*Orphan Children,
*and people with disabilities.

The Church may at time, with God’s Blessing, seek to bless other Ministers, and Affiliates, but this is not mandatory, it is just sharing as one body.

Steps in becoming a member with Church of Grace International Ministers Inc. Here and some important fact about COGIM.

1. Fill in a membership form.
2. Have your own Pastor.
3. Set up a place of worship.
4. Be able to train.
5. Be honest to the church rules and regulations.
6. Follow COGIM Biblical Doctrines.
7. Accept Biblical Disciplines.
8. Be able to pay tithes.
9. Undertake your own church projects.
10. Be willing to associate with others.
11. Take correction from leaders.
12. Be willing to learn.
13. Be appositive-minded person.
14. Be willing to travel for other National and International assemblies, as much as possible.
15. Train the church to raise money and support their Pastor and other leaders.
16. Don’t depends on the International Headquarters for financial support.
17. Don’t suppress church members for money.
18. Give yourself to biblical training activities.
19. Don’t be greedy for a position, for power or for money.
20. Remember that being a part of the International Church does NOT mean that the church is responsible to support you or the local church financially.
21.Your association with Church of Grace should be under the Spiritual Directions, Guardians, and Spiritual Covering of the Church but not to be a burden to the International Church.

However, we are wholeheartedly willing to accept and assist any Minister who need Partnership in Ministry.
The Church is ready to give out over Thousands Partnership letters this year.

You are invited. and we welcome you with love, peace and Joy in Jesus Name.

Bishop Dr.Rudolph Q.Kwanue Sr. Sr.PhD.
Founder and National Director COGIM.