Important information:

Good Morning, those who are willing to Participate’s in the upcoming GIBU-Georgia -USA Conference, may use this link

to send their Registration fee $50 and conference support fee $50 to Bishop Dr.Eric Johnson.

Dr.Johnson is our GIBU Georgia USA Director who is the GIBU Conference Host this year.

After Payment, please send us the following information:

1. Payment receipt
2. Your full name on your Passport
3. Country
4. Email ID
5.Home/Street address
6.Position with GIBU/Your Church
7. Passport Number.

For an Official Invitation letter and Official Letter from the Founder, Chancellor and international Director Office to back you for your Visa Process.

Please NB: that these little Fees payment are not refundable.

Reason been that it will be used for the Upcoming Conference Preparation/ Support early even before our arrival.

Love you so much, we will do all will can to give you all Supporting Letters.

Bishop Dr.Rudolph Q.Kwanue Sr.

Book your hotel for the Conference at Georgia

Grace international Bible University Georgia USA Conference activities:

1. Arrival date of All guests Coming from out of US September 24,2019

2. Arrival of Guests coming from in the USA September 25,2019

3. Conference Date September 26-7 with both two sessions evening and Morning

4. Ordination, Consecration and Installation of GIBU-USA Leadership September 28,2019

5. Graduation, and Submission of reports from Various Countries Director with the promised Support to GIBU September 29,2019.

6. September 30,2019
Leaders Round Table Discussion and fun time

7. October 1,2019 Viewing of some historical Area around George

8. October 2,Departure of all Guests from Georgia/ USA.

Bishop Dr.Rudolph Q.Kwanue Sr.


April 1-21, Free Offers!!!!

From the Office of the Founder, Chancellor & International Director of Grace International Bible University

We have made available/rooms for Free Affiliation to about 1000 Churches, Colleges, Institutions, University Christian Organizations worldwide, beginning from April 1-21_ 2019 only.

These offers are our Free Affiliation is our Easter gift for your Ministries

You are kindly asked to create your own WhatsApp Groups with GIBU classes


* If you have earned a Bachelor’s degree, you can operate courses from Certificate, Diploma to Associate Degrees program

* If you have earned a Master’s degree, you can operate from Certificate to Bachelor’s level

* If you have earned Doctorate degree before, you can operate from certificate to Master’s Degree program

Within all of your classes, you can add GIBU Chief Administrator Dr Asare, IT Department Head, Apostle Israel, Dr. Tiny Websites Host and myself in all your classes to monitor all your activities for quality and efficiency

Responsibilities of GIBU
*To give you our International curriculum Free of charge

* To give you free beautiful Affiliation Certificate

* To give you all electronic lesson materials only as Easter gift

* And Degrees after studies

You can visit our website for your responsibility to affiliation Page

Welcome to the Monte of April, and welcome to the Holy Month of this year.

Bishop Dr Rudolph Q Kwanue Sr.
WhatsApp #+231778506462

GIBU-USA Conference is September 26-30 2019.

Apply now.

*Application fee is $50 USD
*Conference Support is $50 USD

I encourage all GIBU National Directors, Professors, Affiliates, to be Present at this International gathering.

Moreover, any GIBU Student who is willing to have Graduation at Georgia USA to take this Opportunity.

Please Contact our Georgia Director who is the Host Bishop Dr.Eric Johnson WhatsApp line
+1 678-622-1458.

All Payment should be forwarded to him directly in the USA.

  1. Bishop Dr.Rudolph Q.Kwanue Sr.
    WhatsApp #231778507462.


GIBU and CLC ID Cards Process.