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Dr. Rudolph is a Clergyman, an international Certified and Recognized Professor. a Liberian hill’s from Nimba County, a Resident of Pipeline, Wein town Community, Paynesville City, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia.

Dr.Rudolph was born on December 28, 1985, unto the Union of Mr. & Mrs. David, Betty Kwanue; at Beo. Gbehnelay Town, Nimba County, Republic of Liberia. Bishop Dr.Rudoph is an educationalist. He began his primary education at the Beo-Gbehnelay Public School at his village where he later received double promotions in series as a result, his instructors was troubles because of his brilliant scores. In 2001, he traveled from the village to Monrovia where he entered the Morris T. Zazy Public School at 72nd  Barrack and completed his junior high school.

In 2004, Dr.Rudolph enrolled at Kalita High School and acquired his senior high School Certificate in 2016 respectively. 

After his theoretical studied, Bishop Rudolph entered the Change agent Network (842)-Computer School at Rehab Paynesville in 2007 and received Diploma in Computer Desktop and Data Publishing.

Taking on  higher education, Dr. Rudolph entered the Licosess Mobile Teacher Training College in 2012, and earned his Associate of Arts “AA” Degree in School Administration in 2014 August 14.

In connection to his present intercontinental Status, Dr. Bishop joined the Word of Truth Bible Academy – Maryland, USA and achieved his Bachelor of Christian Education in 2015 through Distance Learning Program and a Master of Missions from the Believers Bible College of Ghana in 2017.

Bishop Dr.Rudolph Q.Kwanue, Sr. entire life is about education and Christian value.

He again entered at the Believer’s Bible College –of Ghana where he received his first Doctor of Philosophy in Bible Studies (Ph.D.) In 2018 of January.  Not Still Satisfied, Bishop Dr.Rudolph enrolled at the Holy Spirits Bible Institute in Malaysia Thailand Asia in 2018 where he just received his 2nd PhD (Doctors of Philosophy in Christian Leadership on April 6, 2019).

Additionally, as a sing of Public reconditions and appreciation to his works, he has also been awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the Grace International University – USA as a Founding Father and International Director in Church Administration. On the other hand, he was consecrated as International Presiding Bishop over Christian Leaders Connection CLC his own Association on December 5, 2018.

Presently, Dr. Rudolph  is the Founder, Chancellor and international Director of the Grace International Bible University that is Currently Offering Free tuition to Christian around the World from Certificate to PhD Degree program in about (150) nations around the globe.

Frequently, people discussed him both National and Internationally as Father of Motivation, Father of Correction, Kingdom Promoter, Church Planter, Life Coaching, Bible Scholar, Mind Builder, Pastoral Counselor ,Vision Promoters, International Speaker, Bringing respect to the Body, Christian Leaders Connector, Founder Bible University, Bishop of Church of Grace International Ministries Inc., Founder and CEO at International accreditation Commission for education I.A.C.E, Founder of Pastor Rudolph Cares Foundation PRCF, Founder and Presiding Bishop of Christian Leaders Connection C.L.C, Proprietor of Grace Mission School, A Visionary Leader, An Author, The first generational Preacher. Bishop Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr. is fortunately married to Rev. Rita N. Kwanue since January 2, 2002 and they are blessed with four sons , Rudolph Jr. Abel, Timothy and Daniel Kwanue’s. Dr. Rudolph has travels extensively across the World conducting Biblical education and conferring Degrees on his Successful Students who has finished with their Studies, Consecrating Bishops, Ordaining Ministers of the Gospel and Licensing them for the promotion of the Kingdom of God.  Welcome to Bishop Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue Sr. PhD. founder, Chancellor and International Director of Grace International Bible University.

 My Philosophy” Grace his no Boundaries, when Grace speak, Protocols are broken”

Dr.Rudolph and his Family



Dr.Rudolph congratulated his Special Teacher assistant Dr.Emmanuel and his Wife Silena in Ghana


President of Zimbabwe Daughter in law Mama Mugabe and her Ser.General presented flag to Dr.Rudolph in Ghana


Dr.Rudolph Arrival at Ghana Airport on Sept.23,2018